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Curatorial considerations in commercial art spaces: developments in art galleries and art fairs from 1960 to today [2021]

Amelia Abdullahsani

Keywords Visual arts and music::Art museums and galleries
Abstract This thesis investigates the curatorial practices in commercial spaces such as art fairs and commercial artgalleries. This investigation traces the practices of curating from institutional curating to curating incommercial spaces from the 1960s

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Ong, Zi Feng

Keywords Visual arts and music::Arts in general
Abstract these art historical and philosophical discussions, but to build a perceptible, practicable component that could be used by the public through applying the ostensible definitions of art as an exploratory, statistical database.This research will build

Re-exhibition: display strategies for virtual exhibition spaces [2023]

Lim, Shu Min

Keywords Visual arts and music::Media
Abstract exists on a two-dimensional surface of the screen. From a survey of virtual art exhibitions published between the 1990s to 2023, this thesis will examine and discuss eight case examples, to show how virtual exhibitions repurpose the language of physical

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Efficacy of a technical market-timing strategy in the Singapore stock market. [1993]

Teo, Jenny Geok Her.; Ho, Vincent Yiong Sing.

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Relationship development in insurance selling : a script-theoretic approach. [1997]

Tan, Jan Ai Kiang.

Abstract explores how effective and ineffective salesperson's knowledge bases may differ in terms of elaborateness, contingency, hypotheticality, and uniqueness. Comparisons among the groups are also made so as to identify differences that may exist based

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Developing an art education ecosystem in Singapore through knowledge management. [2008]

Heng, Swee Kiang.

Abstract as knowledge sources and knowledge processes respectively and deliver significant impact on the teaching and learning of Art in Singapore. This paper seeks to identify and examine these knowledge sources and processes, their benefits to school Art teachers

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Lumbung as critique of arts' discourse of economy and work [2021]

Keys, Thomas Ragnar Bronner

Keywords Visual arts and music::Art museums and galleries
Abstract This dissertation figures the forthcoming edition of Documenta as a primary, though notexclusive, vector of analysis in ongoing debates on the political economy of the art field andanticipates some of the implications and effects this edition

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Attestation before attention: unclaiming queer from Trương Tân's art (1990s-2010s) [2021]

Le, Ace Duc Phuong

Keywords Visual arts and music::Art museums and galleries
Abstract THROUGH the case study of Trương Tân – arguably one of the most misunderstood figures inVietnamese contemporary art, this paper highlights the tendency to globalise and politicise queerartists from Southeast Asia via editorial and curatorial

On utilizing root-route interaction in diasporic literature translation - a case study of Eileen Chong’s poems [2024]

Lin, Mingtao

Keywords Arts and Humanities
Abstract practice, this paper explains how to look at the cultural symbols in diasporic literature in a dynamic and inclusive way, how to grasp the relationship between root and route, how to manage emotional changes, how to locate the flow of roots, how to grasp

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Art house : an Avant-garde business plan tapping the burgeoning art market in Singapore and the region. [1997]

See, Samuel Yong Yaw.; Tan, Meng Kwang.

Keywords DRNTU::Visual arts and music::General::Economic and business aspects
Abstract of a comprehensive market survey and contains some revolutionary ideas and concepts which the authors believe to be new to the Singapore art scène. These concepts are original to the authors and are developed through imagination, brainstorming

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Memory dispensing machine 《藝-味販賣機》 [2021]

Chua, Felicia Qin Ying

Keywords Visual arts and music::Visual arts
Abstract to connect over experiences.
With the use of glass bottles as a vessel to communicate significant events in history, the selected topic will be superimposed onto the bottle. This series features how worldwide events between 1950s and 60s impacted

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Mis-selling in the insurance industry [2021]

Tham, Fernanda Xiang Min; Ho, Hwee En; Lim, Hazel Si Yuan

Abstract policy to the buyers. 224 participants took part in an economics experiment that paralleled real-life insurance selling. To assess the prevalence of mis-selling amongst sellers, participants who were assigned as sellers had to decide (1) the policy

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Authenticity in the art of Takashi Murakami's: identity politics and the commercialism of art [2023]

Ng, Sophia Sok Huei

Keywords Visual arts and music
Abstract of high art: can they be deemed authentic works of art if they were made to be mass produced commodities? Can they be considered authentically Japanese if they seem to pander so much to an international audience? Through an examination of a select few

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Let the cameras roll and the paints flow : a thesis on the photographic tableau [2015]

Yang, Leonard

Keywords DRNTU::Visual arts and music::Painting

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Decoding your destiny. [2012]

Seah, Kai Ling.

Keywords DRNTU::Visual arts and music::Visual arts
Abstract generation. This project seeks to investigate how we can use Physiognomy as a method to identify nonverbal signals, and cues of others to create our interest and investment in them. This will be done based on the existing theories of face reading

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Arts and ageing: the lived experience of art among the young-old in singapore [2017]

Phua, Pamela Hui-Lun

Abstract Few studies have looked at the lived experience of art engagement among the young-old in Singapore. With a rapidly ageing population in mind, there is a need to better understand the perspectives, beliefs and experiences of the future generation

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Curtain call : a final bow for the traditional arts. [2013]

Chen, Shanshan.; Khew, Carolyn Jin-Ny.; Koh, Valerie Swee Fang.

Abstract have taken to modernise their art forms, to the dismay of traditional arts purists. From Perenakan raps to Heng Hwa string puppetry, Curtain Call takes a closer look at Singapore's traditional arts.

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Lacuna [2017]

Tng, Gabriel Yue Hao

Keywords DRNTU::Visual arts and music

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Guardian [2017]

Ng, Jade Jing Li

Keywords DRNTU::Visual arts and music::Film
Abstract Guardian is a short film on how evil acts will lead one to their own demise eventually. In this film, a talisman seller tries to get an old lady who was praying at a shrine to buy his talismans. Displeased with her refusal, he unleashed his cat

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Soul keeps [2021]

Ng, Tiffany Shi Min

Keywords Visual arts and music::Design::Product
Abstract Over the past decade, a rise of small businesses has emerged to promote Singapore’s culture with lifestyle goods, souvenirs, and gifts with good design, breaking the stereotype of selling souvenirs at tourist attractions. However, the represented

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Intelligent online selling point extraction and generation for e-commerce recommendation [2023]

Guo, Xiaojie; Wang, Shugen; Zhao, Hanqing; Diao, Shiliang; Chen, Jiajia; Ding, Zhuoye; He, Zhen; Lu, Jianchao; Xiao, Yun; Long, Bo; Yu, Han; Wu, Lingfei

Abstract -catching to the readers. Currently, product selling points are normally written by human experts. Thus, the creation and maintenance of these contents incur high costs. These costs can be significantly reduced if product selling points can be automatically generated

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Body and communication : the ‘ordinary’ art of Tang Da Wu [2018]

Wee, C. J. Wan-Ling

Keywords Visual arts and music::Performing arts
Abstract deliberate ordinariness is that artistic communication to him means provoking self-reflexive thought rather than immediate action. Over the years this has resulted in collaborative artistic workshops, in which he has imaginatively transferred art making from

The interplay between the verb particle 'ə' and the sentence particles in Akha [1996]

Hansson, Inga-Lill

Keywords Arts and Humanities
Abstract The tiny syllable ə has many functions in Akha. A. Noun particle - It connects two nouns marking poeesssion. B. Verb particle - Verb + ə is the quotation form of a verb, i.e. when asking: "how do you say 'to buy' and 'to sell' in Akha".

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写生, 写生 = Live and alive [2011]

Ng, Woon Lam

Keywords Visual arts and music::Visual arts

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Ronald Searle and the Christmas Carol: between animation design and illustration, a story [2020]

Benvenuti, Davide; Albers, Kathrine

Keywords Visual arts and music::Art history

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三城记 = A tale of three cities [2013]

Ng, Woon Lam

Keywords Visual arts and music::Visual arts
Abstract , experience and observation.” This is truly my most preferred approach in my creating work. If I were to just approach my research according to technical approaches used by historians or scientists, many of my creative components in visual art forms might

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Application of polyjet technology in additive manufacturing of personalised nail art [2016]

Lu, Zhen; Chua, Chee Kai

Keywords Nail Art
Abstract opaque materials via PolyJet Objet 500 Connex 3 machine. Liquid-based additive manufacturing was found to be preferable to build hollow or complex-shaped parts with thin walls. In this paper, 2 sets of nail art were designed, manufactured out

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Towards a caring practice : reflections on the processes and components of arts-health practice [2018]

Tan, Michael Koon Boon

Keywords Visual arts and music::General::Social aspects
Abstract approach to health to explore the elements at play in participatory arts.Methods: The study uses an action-research case study of a 12-week visual art programme in a nursing home with 10 participants. Data collected were analysed and interpreted using

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Art and design education in the ecology of care [2019]

Tan, Michael Koon Boon

Keywords Visual arts and music::Design
Abstract can we lead art and design students to connect and lend their creative skills to care needs? Drawing on the ethics of care and a relational view on health this article highlights the various teaching approaches and initiatives introduced at Nanyang

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Practical application of browns and grays based on a vector concept : the practical strength the asymmetrical Munsell color space [2018]

Ng, Woon Lam

Keywords Visual arts and music
Abstract . A few practical examples are also shown in this article to illustrate how this vector approach may help in learning and planning color applications.

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