P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (2024)

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P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (1)

P.F. Chang’s is a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine in the traditional style, however the food isn’t genuinely Chinese. Both lunch and dinner menus are available at P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu With Prices, although the selections are vastly different due to the restaurant’s commitment to serving authentic Chinese cuisine.

At P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu, the lunch menu has scaled-down versions of several of their signature American meals served in a more manageable portion size. The iconic lettuce wraps, spicy chicken, crispy honey shrimp, and more can all be found at P.F. Chang’s!

Dinner options include a wide variety of Asian cuisines, such as Mongolian beef and tofu pad Thai. A gluten-free menu is available atPf Changs Prices. Lettuce wraps, chicken and shrimp meals, soups, and even desserts are all available on the restaurant’s gluten-free menu.

Every member of your dining group can enjoy their meal at Pf Changs Menus. You can get both lunch and dinner if you’re really hungry. At Pf Chang’s Lunch Menu , you can eat for free without using any discount coupons. All you have to do is pay for what you take!

Those who want to dine in at home can choose from P.F. Chang’s extensive takeout menu. Deliveries are available from surrounding PF Chang’s locations. P.f. Chang’s Menu With Prices is open for all three meals of the day.

Anyone looking for a place to take a large party would do well to consider Pf Changs Nyc Menu Prices. A group of 10 can easily be accommodated at one of their spacious tables. If your party is especially large, you may have to squeeze onto the bench at the table’s edge.

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1.4 Chicken

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1.8 Signature Desserts

1.9 Sides

1.10 Kid’s Menu

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1.12 Vegetarian Plates

2 P.F. Chang’s History

2.1 Other Restaurents Menu

2.2 FAQs

2.3 Does Pf Chang’s Have A Kids Menu?

2.4 Does Pf Chang’s Change Their Menu?

2.5 Does Pf Chang’s Have A Lunch Menu?

P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu With Prices In 2023

Noodles, Meins, & Rice

P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (2)
Combo Lo Mein$12.95
Combo P.f. Chang’s Fried Rice$11.50
Crab Fried Rice$14.95
Dan Dan Noodles$11.95
Garlic Noodles$8.50
Lo Mein$10.95
P.f. Chang’s Fried Rice$9.50
Pad Thai Chicken$13.95
Pad Thai Combo$14.95
Pad Thai Shrimp$15.95
Singapore Street Noodles$11.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Chicken$13.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Combo$14.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Shrimp$15.95

P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu With Prices


Seabass With Tropical Salsa$26.95
Shrimp With Candied Walnuts$16.95
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce$14.95
Lemongrass Grilled Norwegian Salmon$19.95
Oolong Marinated Chilean Sea Bass$25.95
Crispy Honey Shrimp$16.95
Shanghai Shrimp With Garlic Sauce$12.95
Orange Peel Shrimp$16.95
Asian Grilled Norwegian Salmon$19.95
Kung Pao Shrimp$16.95
Kung Pao Scallops$18.95
Kung Pao Combo$17.95
Sichuan Shrimp$16.50
Sichuan Scallops$18.50
Sichuan Combo$17.50
Hunan-style Hot Fish$16.95
Norwegian Salmon Steamed With Ginger$19.95

Pfchangs Menu With Prices

Beef & Pork

Beef A La Sichaun$15.95
Beef With Broccoli$13.95
Mongolian Beef$16.95
Orange Peel Beef$15.95
Pepper Steak$14.95
Shaking Beef$16.95
Sweet & Sour Pork$13.95

P.f. Chang’s Menu Prices Lunch

P.f. Chang’s Menu [Under $10]

P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (3)

P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu

  • Under $10 Menu
  • Limited Offers
  • Discounted Menu

P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu


P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (4)
Almond & Cashew Chicken$13.95
Chang’s Spicy Chicken$14.95
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce$13.95
Crispy Honey Chicken$14.95
Dali Chicken$14.95
Ginger Chicken With Broccoli$14.95
Kung Pao Chicken$14.95
Mandarin Chicken$11.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan$13.95
Orange Peel Chicken$14.95
Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken$14.95
Sesame Chicken$14.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken$13.95

Pfchangs Menu With Prices


Chicken Chopped Salad$9.95
Seared Ahi Salad$13.95
Thai Beef and Noodle Salad$13.95
Vietnamese Crab Salad$16.95

Pf Changs Menu


Chang’s Chicken Noodle Soup$8.95
Egg Drop SoupCup$4.50
Egg Drop SoupBowl$6.95
Hot & Sour SoupCup$4.50
Hot & Sour SoupBowl$6.95
Wonton SoupCup$4.50
Wonton SoupBowl$7.95


Ahi Crisp$10.95
Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps$9.95
Chang’s Spare Ribs$10.95
Chang’s Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps$9.95
Crab Wontons$7.95
Crispy Green Beans$7.95
Dynamite Shrimp$9.95
Egg Rolls2 Rolls$5.95
Egg Rolls4 Rolls$9.95
Flaming Red Wontons$7.95
Northern Style Spare Ribs$10.95
Pork Dumplings$7.50
Salt & Pepper Calamari$8.95
Shrimp Dumplings$8.50
Spring Rolls2 Rolls$4.95
Spring Rolls4 Rolls$7.95
Tuna Tataki$10.95
Vegetable Dumplings$7.50
Vietnamese Prawn Rolls$10.95

Signature Desserts

Banana Spring Rolls$6.95
Blueberry Cheesecake Sweet Treat$3.95
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Sweet Treat$3.95
Chocolate Torte Sweet Treat$3.95
Coconut Pineapple Cake Sweet Treat$3.95
Flourless Chocolate Dome$6.95
New York-style Cheesecake$6.95
Salted Caramel Cake Sweet Treat$3.95
The Great Wall Of Chocolate$8.95
Tiramisu Sweet Treat$3.95


Asian Tomato-cucumber SaladSmall$3.95
Asian Tomato-cucumber SaladLarge$5.95
Garlic Snap PeasSmall$3.95
Garlic Snap PeasLarge$5.95
Shanghai CucumbersSmall$3.95
Shanghai CucumbersLarge$5.95
Sichuan-style AsparagusSmall$3.95
Sichuan-style AsparagusLarge$5.95
Spicy Green BeansSmall$3.95
Spicy Green BeansLarge$5.95
Spinach Stir-fried With GarlicSmall$3.95
Spinach Stir-fried With GarlicLarge$5.95

Kid’s Menu

Baby Buddha’s Feast$3.95
Baby Buddha’s Feast$3.95
Kid’s Chicken Fried Rice$3.95
Kid’s Honey Chicken$5.95
Kid’s Lo Mein$4.95
Kid’s Sweet And Sour Chicken$5.95
Kids Fried Rice$3.95

P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu With Prices

Inspired Items

Seabass With Tropical Salsa$25.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Chicken$13.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Combo$14.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Shrimp$15.95
Thai Beef And Noodle Salad$13.95
Vietnamese Prawn Rolls$10.95

Vegetarian Plates

Buddha’s Feast$8.95
Coconut Curry Vegetables$9.95
Ma Po Tofu$9.95
Stir-fried Eggplant$8.95
Vegetarian Fried Rice$8.95

P.F. Chang’s History

In 1993, American entrepreneurs Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming opened the first P.F. Chang’s restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. At now, the company has over 200 locations across the US and Canada, with potential expansion into additional nations planned.

Dishes like Chang’s Lettuce Wraps, Mongolian Beef, and Crispy Honey Shrimp can be found on the menu at P.F. Chang’s, a restaurant that specialises in Asian fusion food.

There is a full gluten-free menu, as well as a lunch menu and a dessert menu, all of which are offered at all of the company’s locations. In the same way that many Chinese restaurants use woks and high-temperature deep fryers, many of the meals served at P.f. Chang’s Lunch Menu With Prices are prepared in these cooking implements.

The P.F. Chang’s Corporation was founded in 1982 and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Starting a P.F. Chang’s restaurant requires an investment of $35,000, and franchisees pay an additional 5% of gross sales in continuing royalties.

The corporation has teamed up with Chinese food production facilities to back China’s agriculture methods and distribution networks. It’s also involved in the Chicken Utilization & Quality Task Force (CUTS), a group of experts from all throughout the poultry sector who are trying to make sure everyone can eat safely. Pf Changs Salads have become a go-to option for those looking for lighter and healthier meal options.

For environmental responsibility, P.f. Chang’s Tulsa Menu has been implementing sustainable practises, such as a company-wide effort to phase out the use of plastic straws in favour of more sustainable alternatives. P.F. Chang’s is investigating energy-efficient HVAC systems as a means of lessening the restaurant’s negative effect on the natural world.

Hello, my name is Richard McFadden and I have worked as a chef for almost 8 years. Producing tasty dishes that people enjoy eating makes me very happy.

Working in some of the finest restaurants in the world has given me the opportunity to refine my craft and acquire new knowledge. My view is that edibles should not only be delicious but also easily accessible and inexpensive.

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Does Pf Chang’s Have A Kids Menu?

Yes, Pf Chang’s does have a Kid’s Menu. The menu includes many delicious dishes that adults enjoy but in smaller portions. Some of the options include beef teriyaki and crispy honey chicken. Parents can also choose from salads, side dishes, and desserts like crepes and waffles. Prices range from $3 to $7 per dish, depending on the type of food chosen.

Does Pf Chang’s Change Their Menu?

Pf Chang’s constantly changes its menu to keep things exciting for their customers. They add new items throughout the year and special offers like “Kids Eat Free” nights or discounted meals. They also offer a Crepes & Waffles menu with prices varying depending on the type of waffle. So, check out the menu often and look for special deals.

Does Pf Chang’s Have A Lunch Menu?

Yes, Pf Chang’s offers a lunch menu ranging from Chinese-style noodles to classic sandwiches. Prices vary depending on the dishes selected and start at around $8 – $10 per plate. They also offer a selection of sides like spring rolls and fried rice to complete your meal. The lunch menu is only available during certain hours, so check their website or call ahead for more information.

P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (5)


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P.f. Chang's Lunch Menu With Prices (Recently Updated List) - MENU PRICE CART (2024)
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