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In Final Fantasy XIV, the Blue Mage restricted job has a series of entertaining solo monster challenges called The Masked Carnival. Three missions with differing degrees of difficulty are allocated to various battlefields each week. They provide Poetic Tomestones, Gil, and many Allied award seals upon successful fulfillment. One of the best ways to obtain free Teleport Tickets each week is by using Allied Seals to purchase Aetheryte Tickets from your Grand Company. Of course, you must first access the Masked Carnivale before exploring that stuff. Fortunately, that can be accomplished in only three simple steps and is considerably simpler than the Masked Carnival itself. However, even after unlocking it, you might want to amass as many Blue Mage skills as possible.

How can you reach the Masked Carnival?

Follow the given steps to learn how to reach the Masked Carnival:

Train to be a Blue Mage

You must reach level 50 in a combat class and finish the main quest, "The Ultimate Weapon," to become a Blue Mage. There are only those two conditions. Go to Limsa Lominsa on the Lower Decks once you have met them. Zealous Yellowjacket, an NPC, will be present atX:9.9, Y:11. The first Blue Mage quest, "Out of the Blue," will be given by them. When the mission is finished, you will have earned the title of Blue Mage. You aren't quite prepared for the Carnivale yet, though.

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Level up to 50 as Blue Mage

Of course, Blue Mage starts at level 1, and entry into the Masked Carnival requires that you be level 50. It will take considerable level grinding to do this. While some players find it faster to run around with other Blue Mages, some prefer to do this alone. It is advised to pick up Sticky Tongue from any large frog adversary and use it to attract enemies to you, which will speed up the grind. Additionally, it's a good idea to keep your Chocobo in the fray during combat.

Finish The Real Folk Blues Quest

Go to the Steps of Thal in Ul'dah once you have completed the required missions and reached level 50. The NPC,Maudlin Latool Ja, will be present atX: 25.5, Y: 13. He will give the Real Folk Blues, a necessary search for opening the Carnivale, to you.

Speak with the Celestium Attendant when the quest is finished. Additionally, they'll be present at Thal's Steps atX: 11.4, Y: 13.2. Speaking with them will allow you access to the Masked Carnivale.

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Spells to Consider

Here are some of the spells that are suggested for learning. Remember that even when you are out of combat in battles, you can not switch spells when the challenge starts. If you require a special spell for some task, ensure it is active and present on the hot bar before entering the area because that strategy works in dungeons but not here.

Aetherial Mimicry: For these battles, we advise utilizing the Healer stance because it provides for inexpensive, effective, somewhat quick heals as well as improved MP regeneration.

Heal Spells: If you're excellent at avoiding Heal spells, the DPS posture may also be effective. Gobskin, Pom Cure, Exuviate, and Angel's Snack are good choices if you use the healer. Take Exuviate along withWhite Windif you are in another position.

Defense spells: Player must unquestionably take Diamondback. Mighty Guard may come in handy on occasion, but given that your DPS output is lowered by 40%, there aren't many encounters when it's all that useful.

Flat Damage and Death spells: They will significantly ease most Carnival issues. A missile is a great option, and Death (level 5) is required. Though challenging to hit with, Tail Screw and Doom are preferable to nothing.

Elemental Damage Spells: The weaknesses of several of the bosses and additions are elemental. Although targeting them is beneficial, it is not always mandatory; despite being not as effective, they will still deal damage.

DoT spell and Damage Buff combination: BringSong of Tormentand Bristle with you. Use Bristle with Song of Torment as frequently as you can, and if you can play it nonstop. While you're focused on avoiding AOEs and managing other mechanics, it deals much damage. In addition, Nightbloom, a more potent option, is available.

Interrupts: If you wish to avoid being killed or seriously hurt by several spells, you should use Bad Breath and Flying Sardine. However, Bad Breath doesn't cast instantly and has a limited range.

Kamikaze Combo: Every encounter has a final act when you can finish off the monster using a strike that kills you too, but if the boss dies alongside, it counts as a victory for you! The exact moment you may utilize this combination safely varies greatly depending on the fight.

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Particular Fight Techniques

All's well that Starts Well

There is little unique about this. Try Death (Level 5) to get an immediate victory because all three mobs are susceptible to spells of the Death class. (Before casting the magic, combine all three.)

Much Ado about Pudding

You should follow the challenge's instructions and bring a range of spells to target the slimes' vulnerable elements. For example, you could use Hydro Pull to pull them close to you to cast a spell (Death) on them while they're defenseless. Ram's voice can also freeze them, and you can utilizeUltravibration.

Waiting for a Golem

The initial carnival foe to not affect Death spells is this one (the jerk). Additionally, he cannot be frozen, making Ultravibration ineffective for killing him. You must repeatedly attack him with spells like Water Cannon or Protean Wave to target his weak spot.

Gentlemen Prefer Swords

The initial act's three mobs are all at risk of dying. Use the Tail Screw, Missile, Launcher, Doom, or Ram's Voice to freeze them and use Ultravibration to kill them if Level 5 doesn't drop them.

The Threepenny Turtles

All spells that cause Death or freezing can't harm the turtles. Instead, stand right behind the center turtle and use Ram's Voice to capture all three turtles with the Ram's/UV combo simultaneously. Ram's and UV may be used to hit all three foes in one instance, but you should be in just the correct position.

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Eye Society

Here, Act One is purely a gimmick battle. Blind yourself using the Teary Twirl Attack, then use Level 5 Death and the Ram's/UV combo to eliminate the Mandra and the two eye mobs.

A Chorus Slime

Similar to the previous act, except using Sticky Tongue or Snort to push the slimes close to each Sprite. No prepositioning is required; simply hit the slime from a safe distance. Same idea, move the slime into a range of theGladiatorialNode by pushing or pulling it there. You'll need three slimes close to each other.

Bomb-edy of Errors

Swiftcast the nearest Arena Bomb, Snort it, forcing it straight back, then swiftly cast Feather Rain on the bomb before it comes back toward you. To kill the Snoll and Bomb in front of you and deal significant damage to the boss, you may essentially perform the same thing.

To Kill a Mockingslime

Element Adds will periodically appear outside the arena and join the combat. Before a new add joins, change the spells you cast to match the element's weakness, and you should burn them.

A Little Knight Music

Strike him down, avoid AOEs, and silence the king's will. Then, if you want achievement, let him cast King's Will three times.

Some like it Excruciatingly Hot

You don't even need to see the castings to know that they will one-shot you if they go off. Anything that causes harm can be used to stop them. Use Sticky Tongue and Snort to gather them for Act 2 and then AOE them into a wall until they perish. Act 1 should be played exactly as it was in Act 2.

The Plant-om of the Opera

Agro the plants after casting Ice Spikes. Two attacks will cause their Death. For Act 2, the same plant additions are summoned by spore sack. To kill them without combat, you can cast Ice Spikes.

Beauty and a Beast

Since the two mobs at the back are initially petrified, you may rapidly burn down the middle mob and only have to worry about those two.Carmillawill summon an ad, and you have to destroy it quickly. Other than that, simply dodge and burn her down.

Blobs in the World

Kill slimes, then run away. Act 2 is identical to Act 1, with the exception that the slimes will continuously impose an 80% slow, and you must keep Loom out of sight.

The Me Nobody Nodes

When they add spawns, kill the huge ball first, then kite or CC it until its buff wears off, then burn it down.

Sunset Bull-evard

Avoid being touched by the slowly creeping cyclops, or you'll perish. Instead, burn while kiting far away. During Act 2, execute him while dodging AOEs. He summons an addition that is the same as the Act 1 mobs; kite them, kill them, and then return to the monster.

The Sword of Music

The right claw blocks physical attacks, while the left one blocks magical ones. If you change to Mighty Guard, you can disregard this and AOE them down. However, the Hands additions will be summoned by Keios once more, and you will need to destroy them while avoiding danger.

Midsummer's Night Explosive

When damaged, the Firestand Kegs will cast an Explosion. Remember that the mobs all cause random damage. If you want to, you can use these kegs to effectively damage the manticores, although it is not required. Act 1 is the same, but there are twoManticores. The same approach for Act 2, only double-checks that both mobs are out.

On a Clear Day, You Can Smell Forever

It's probably still worthwhile to maintain Off-Guard because it sticks but does reflect damage at you. For Act 2 follow Act 1 plus additional health with balloon-like additions

Miss Typhoon

If you're quick, you should be able to surecast the long Snort cast and White Wind through the Fireball damage. Burn down the boss in Act 2. Burn down the boss while silencing the Imp Song and dodging AOEs. Start Act 3 off as normal for Typhon, but Ultros will join in after the first protracted snort. Whenever you see Imp Song and Diamondback Snort cast, keep quiet.

Chimera on a Hot Tin Roof

They will both be instantly killed by self Destruct. Alternately, flamethrower them. Be sure to reduce him for Act 2. On rare occasions, imps will join him. Just set them on Fire swiftly while still striking the boss. Avoid being boxed in by dodging his AOEs and positioning the ice puddles well.

Here comes the Boom

Off-Guard and bristle, or any spell with 130 potencies, will suffice to destroy the bombs instantly. They have less than 1000 HP; thus, if your equipment is weak, 1000 Needles will kill them. The Forefather is impervious to silence this time. Fish can't save you, but he can be stunned by that blue bomb he just summoned in the corner. Let it cast its spell with Sticky Tongue.

Behemoths and Broomsticks

Avoid the numerous AOEs by moving in a controlled circle around the arena. Don't confine yourself too much with Trounce and Comet. As soon as the comet loops form, he will always aim for you with Trounce. Get in a flow and just burn down the boss.

Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends

Both the Arena Viking and the Arena Magus are vulnerable to physical damage. Use the appropriate attacks to take them out. Burn the boss to the ground in act 2 to prevent him from summoning the other additions. In act 3, 4-Tonze Weight is a game-changer.

Dirty Rotten Azulmagia

He remains in Ice Spikes pose the entire performance. He has a wide variety of casts, so try to avoid getting struck by them and use magic spells to burn him. Identical to Act 2, except in the Repelling Spray position. He will alternate between two stances in the third act. Therefore, you must be prepared to switch between physical and magical attacks throughout the battle.

Papa Mia

Bristle Off-Song guard's of Torment should be played first. After he sets the vuln down, Spam Plainscracker weaves in primitive oGCDs and eerie soundwaves. When the Song of Torment is lowered, raise it again. For Act 2, Bristle Off-Song guard's of Torment should be played first. Primal oGCDs are weaved in by the Spam Plainscracker. When your HP is at 50%, use White Wind.

Lock up Your Snorters

Bristle Off-Song guard's of Torment should be played first. Then, use two GCDs of any desired DPS skill. Bristle. As soon as the spiky bomb spawns, water cannon, j-kick, and sprint in a direction where a bomb won't hit you if you are knocked back.

Dangerous when Dead

Bristle Off-Song guard's of Torment should be played first. Glass Dance, Feather Rain, Magic Hammer, and J-kick are a few examples. He will then cast Impending Doom at this time. White Wind for a 100% HP boost. Keep using DPS on him normally.

Red, Fraught, and Blue

Bristle Off-Song guard's of Torment should be played first. Glass Dance, Feather Rain, Magic Hammer, and J-kick are a few examples. He will be casting Fluid Strike at this time. Bristle Off-Song guard's of Torment is a fitting way to begin Act 2. Glass Dance, Feather Rain, Magic Hammer, Shock Strike, and J-Kick

The Catch of the Seigfried

Start by activating Bristle Off-guard Song of Torment Shock Strike Eruption. Fire Angon spam. When he employs Ankle Graze, he exuviates. Act 2: Bristle Off-guard Song of Torment Shock Strike to start the scene. Utilize primordial powers and stay away from the telegraphed harm on the ground. The order is always weak to Fire, weak to Wind, and weak to Ice for Act 3. The Fire Angon cannot defeat the weak clone, which should be noted at this point.

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Anything Gogo's

Make sure to avoid the ground AOEs thatGogoand his companion lay down while you continue to fight him until he is killed. To avoid needing Eerie Soundwave to remove his guaranteed critical hit buff, you should kill him as soon as he activates it.

Final Fantasy XIV Masked Carnival - MMOPIXEL (2024)
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