'Destiny 2' Mountaintop Quest, Perks: Season 5's Crucible Pinnacle Weapon (2024)

With a new Destiny 2 season comes several new epic pursuits that let players acquire some of the most powerful weapons the game has to offer. The Crucible pinnacle weapon for Season of the Forge, dubbed “The Mountaintop,” is one such coveted weapon. So how can players get it?

Now that Season of the Forge has arrived in Destiny 2 as of November 27, the light level cap has been raised to 650 and a slew of new pursuits were released so players can start grinding their way towards achieving three new pinnacle weapons. The Black Armory expansion doesn’t begin until December 4, so three new pursuits — one each for Strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible — will take up the bulk of players’ time starting ASAP.

Bungie previously revealed everything there is to know about Season 5’s pinnacle weaponry via the November 21 “This Week at Bungie” blog post, including every step needed to acquire each weapon.

The Mountaintop is a kinetic lightweight grenade launcher, meaning that it fills the first primary weapon slot, a rarity for grenade launchers. But its unique perk, “Micro-Missile,” makes it stand out: “This weapon fires in a straight line and has a massively increased projectile speed.”

As an added perk, the “projectile instantly detonates on the environment” rather than bounce around. All things considered, the Mountaintop feels more like a tiny rocket launcher than a grenade launcher.

Here’s every step in the quest for the Mountaintop:

Step 1
Reach Glory rank “Brave” within a season

This first step is fairly easy in that it’s very straightforward. Players have to win enough matches in the Competitive Crucible playlist to rank up. After the starting rank of Guardian, Brave is the next rank at about 200 Glory points.

For perspective, winning more than six straight matches in the first week should just about get players there. Losing or abandoning a match will cause a decrease in Glory points, so depending on the player’s skill this one might take some time.

For anyone that needs to pace themselves with this step, be sure to complete at least three Competitive matches each week. This awards a weekly bonus that’ll gradually help.

Step 2
Each objective earns you progress per action in any playlist, and players can earn substantial bonus progress by completing these objectives in the Competitive playlist.

In the Crucible, earn Grenade Launcher final blows — 750 Total Points

  • Non-Competitive Playlists: Kills = 3 Points
  • Competitive Playlist: Kills = 10 points

Rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents — 200 Total Points

  • Non-Competitive Playlists: Double Plays = 2 Points, Subsequent Kills after Double Plays = 1 Point
  • Competitive Playlist: Double Plays = 5 Points, Subsequent Kills after Double Plays = 2 Point

Earn Calculated Trajectory medals = 100 Total Points

  • Non-Competitive Playlists: Medal Earned = 1 Points
  • Competitive Playlist: Medal Earned = 4 Points

Here’s where things get a bit intense. Assuming players do the smart thing and stick to the Competitive playlist, the first part of this step equates to 75 grenade launcher kills. Thankfully, the other two parts stack right atop this one.

Getting double plays with a grenade launcher isn’t terribly difficult, especially if they have a larger magazine size, and it’s nice that triple kills and higher offer extra points. So this one means at least 40 double kills.

The “Calculated Trajectory” medal is earned whenever a player defeats three or more enemies with a grenade launcher in a single life. So players will need to get this medal 25 times if it’s in the Competitive playlist.

What players really want to aim for are triple kills because they’ll count towards all three of these tasks.

Overall, the best strategy here is to equip something like Fighting Lion (an attack grenade launcher) in the second weapon slot and some other grenade launcher in the power weapon slot. Heck, if the player has the rare privilege of owning an attack grenade launcher, then having all three slots populated by grenade launchers is totally worth it for this step.

Step 3
Reach Glory rank “Fabled” within a season

This is Luna’s Howl all over again, meaning that both weapons have the exact same last step. Brave rank starts at 200 Glory points, but Fabled starts at 2100. So it’s going to take a very long time. Thankfully, the quest doesn’t have any expiration. Glory progress, however, will reset when Season 5 ends around early February.

The best route is to consistently play at least three matches a week. Not only is there the bonus to consider, but if a player does not play at least that many matches, then their score will decrease.

Players can start the pursuit for the Mountaintop by picking it up from Lord Shaxx right now.

Watch Bungie’s latest ViDoc for even more on “The Road Ahead,” including Season of the Forge and everything beyond.

'Destiny 2' Mountaintop Quest, Perks: Season 5's Crucible Pinnacle Weapon (2024)
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