2016 jeep grand cherokee for sale - Kenosha, WI - craigslist (2024)

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This JEEP is RUST FREE (rare find around these parts) it was owned in the state of VIRGINA..NO SALT..they use liquid magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride in dry form for ant-icing in stead of HARSH SALT!!
if you’re truly looking for a very nice SUV that has low miles on it 114,063 and NO rust than please call soon
You can call today, Im booking appointments for FRIDAY my direct cell is below!

shown by appointments VERBALLY CALL 262 818 3519

Trust in our transparent buying process as we provide comprehensive history reports for all our vehicles…This Jeep has been consistently and routinely maintained many times at a JEEP DEALER throughout its life…I have an impressive CARFAX report with more than 31 itemized service history records
Axle seals replaced
Alignment performed
BRAND NEW spark plugs ($300)*
BRAND NEW battery ($300)*
BRAND NEW oil and filter ($80)*
BRAND NEW air filter ($80)*
*Average costs include parts and labor provided by the RepairPal/MyMechanic sites
an AWD SUV that looks excellent
a SUV that drives excellent
an SUV with a full clean CARFAX report
an SUV that is need of no mechanical repairs and has all the equipment working properly

then I hope you take the time to read this post
it is full of what I believe is important information on this quality Jeep Cherokee

This Jeep Cherokee TRAILHAWK looks great, is very well equipped, has had only two owners, has never been in an accident, has never seen a harsh Wisconsin winter, drives like new (you’ll believe it when you drive it)….this is a QUALITY well taken care of Cherokee…I have a FULL CARFAX report

The 3.2L V6 engine (was an optional upgrade and on the renowned Wards 10 Best Engine Lists) is well tuned, steady idle and strong acceleration, no abnormal engine noises
Automatic transmission shifts smoothly throughout all gears
ALL WHEEL DRIVE functions as it should (5 different modes)
Suspension is excellent no squeaks no rattles no clunks
4 nice tires and BEAUTIFUL wheels
Brakes are good no grinding no pulsation
Solid exhaust
Cold AC and great heater
Brand new battery

I found a great resource on this vehicle by Google searching “2016 Jeep Cherokee BROCHURE” and selecting the first result, I suggest looking it over….

THE BODY: The body looks great, no bad scratches, NO rusty rocker panels, NO rusty wheel wells, NO rusty door edges inside or outside….all window glass is clear, headlights are crystal clear (LED headlight accents look great), LED taillights provide better visibility to other drivers and look great…. “GRANITE CRYSTAL” dark gray paint has a deep MIRROR like shine….the car is very very good, its not perfect (some imperfections), its not brand new, but it is very nice….

THE INTERIOR: The entire interior of this vehicle is VERY clean and inviting (Refer to photos but you will see just how clean this is when you actually take the steps to come and see this vehicle for yourself) The premium black LEATHER seat material with red interior stitching accents is firm and looks great. The headliner is clean, dashboard is in excellent condition, center stack that houses the huge 8.4” touch screen navigation display is like new and well complimented by the genuine appliqués located throughout the cabin, carpet has no stains anywhere, and with the second row folded down there is a whopping 58.9 cubic feet of flat cargo room to handle your daily tasks (front passenger seat even folds flat)…the entire interior of this vehicle is very clean…and once again all equipment works properly…

EQUIPMENT AND FEATURES: One of my favorite features, besides the huge 8.4 inch touch screen, is U-CONNECT (Jeep’s award winning BLUETOOTH system with voice recognition) which allows for handsfree calling and playing your own music. Notable equipment includes a BACKUP CAMERA with guidelines, factory NAVIGATION system, huge 7 inch instrument cluster screen display, HEATED leather seating with red accent stitching, REMOTE START, power heated side mirrors, HEATED STEERING WHEEL, windshield wiper de icer, and more.…also equipped with Jeep’s Select-Terrain Traction Management System with FIVE different all wheel drive modes including snow, sand/mud, rock, and sport control for tackling a variety of off road situations (it even has the capability to safely manage in up to 20 inches of water)

SAFETY: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the 2016 Cherokee with a FIVE STAR CRASH TEST RATING…equipped with an advanced airbag system with 10 airbags (including front driver AND passenger KNEE AIRBAGS) electronic stability control with electronic roll mitigation, antilock brake system, brake assist, rain brake support (this system automatically helps maintain optimal braking by keeping brake rotors dry in rainy conditions with help from the electronic stability control, 911 assist and more

PREMIUM DETAIL: We try our best to showcase just how clean this car is with quality photos, but you should know we make an extra effort to make sure that this vehicle is looking as good as new. There’s a lot of specifics I won’t list here, but the extensive premium detail includes interior and exterior cleaning, washing, buffing, polishing, waxing, sealing, and much more

this is a QUALITY, well taken care of Jeep Cherokee, once again, you will believe it when you actually take the steps to come see it, drive it, and decide that you want to own it for yourself (with PROPERLY made appointment vehicle will not be sold while you are traveling to see it)

******price is NON NEGOTIABLE******

I referenced this price guide when pricing this vehicle….other guides do NOT use the actual maintenance history for a specific vehicle when generating a value, but CARFAX does

Consumers who want to see the CARFAX report should also pay attention to the CARFAX HISTORY BASED VALUE, they provide a VIN-specific price for every used car based on its history. Instead of providing you with a retail value they say what a specific car with a specific VIN is worth based on SEVERAL major history factors that impact car value. Keep in mind that CARFAX values THIS vehicle at $14,910 .... $12,980..no dealer fees!

713.90 is 5.5% tax if applicable
164.50 is registration
$13,858.40 total..does not include new plate fees IF applicable

WE do NOT charge a DEALER FEE..no add on charges..save big money

Augie’s Autos — a small family owned and operated dealer with a total inventory of around 8 HIGH QUALITY VEHICLES. Augie has been selling over 35 years

WE can work with the Lender of your choice ..ask salesman for details or

Augie’s Autos is an official lending partner to Marine Credit Union! If interested in financing one of our vehicles through Marine Credit Union, visit this link to get started:

shown by appointments only…and with a properly made appointment this SUV will not be sold while you are actually driving here to see it

please no texts at this time CALLS ONLY

My direct cell is 262 818 3519

2016 jeep grand cherokee for sale - Kenosha, WI - craigslist (2024)
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