2008 honda ridgeline 4x4 for sale - Kenosha, WI - craigslist (2024)

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if you’re truly looking for a very nice truck:
in my opinion a RARE FIND

if interested CALL soon, vehicles like this have a tendency to sell quickly
262 818 3519

a 4x4 truck that looks excellent
a truck that drives excellent
a truck with a full CARFAX report

then I hope you take the time to read this post
it is full of what I believe is important information on this quality Honda Ridgeline…

This prior-certified pre-owned Honda Ridgeline RTX looks great, has had only two owners (first 3 yrs. 9 mo., then the last 11 yrs. 11 mo.), has NEVER seen a harsh Wisconsin winter, and drives as great as it looks (you’ll believe it when you drive it)….this is a QUALITY well taken care of Ridgeline….I have a FULL CARFAX REPORT….

Trust in our transparent buying process as we provide comprehensive history reports for all our vehicles. This Ridgeline has been regularly maintained with recommended maintenance per the user manual…I have a complete CARFAX report with more than 16 itemized service history records…

The 3.5L V6 engine is well tuned, steady idle and strong acceleration, no abnormal engine noises
TIMING BELT done @91,000 miles
Automatic transmission shifts smoothly throughout all gears
4x4 functions as it should
Suspension is great no squeaks no rattles no clunks
4 very nice tires (aggressive tread) and beautiful wheels
Brakes are good no pulsation no grinding
Solid exhaust
Cold AC and great heater

THE BODY: This truck is from the state of New Hampshire and has NEVER seen a harsh Wisconsin winter! The body looks very nice, no dents, no bad scratches, all window glass is clear, headlights are crystal clear, taillights are not broken, bed and bed cover are in very good condition…. “BILLET SILVER METALLIC” paint has high gloss shine….the truck is very good, its not perfect (there are some imperfections, couple of I'll call them dings by driverside located above headlight on hood area, a very small paint blister located by driverside rear taillight area) its not brand new, but it is very nice

THE INTERIOR: The entire interior of this vehicle is very clean and inviting (Refer to photos but you will see just how clean this is when you actually take the steps to come and see this vehicle for yourself) The premium gray cloth seat material is firm with no rips, no tears. The headliner is clean, dashboard is in near show room new condition, center stack that houses the infotainment display looks great, carpet has no stains anywhere…once again the entire interior of this vehicle is very clean

EQUIPMENT AND FEATURES: Notable equipment includes power windows and locks, heat-rejecting tinted glass, power sliding rear cabin window, steering wheel with mounted controls, cruise control, 2 front power outlets, 1 rear power outlet, flat rear floor, and more

SAFETY: Notable safety equipment includes an advanced airbag system with dual stage dual threshold front airbags, front side airbags with passenger side occupant position system, side curtain airbags with rollover sensor, side impact door beams, anti lock brake system, electronic brake distribution system with brake assist, and more

PREMIUM DETAIL: We try our best to showcase just how clean this car is with quality photos, but you should know we make an extra effort to make sure that this vehicle is looking as good as new. There’s a lot of specifics I won’t list here, but the extensive premium detail includes interior and exterior cleaning, washing, buffing, polishing, waxing, sealing, and much more

this is a QUALITY, well taken care of Honda Ridgeline, once again, you will believe it when you actually take the steps to come see it, drive it, and decide that you want to own it for yourself (with PROPERLY made appointment vehicle will not be sold while you are traveling to see it)

******price is NON NEGOTIABLE******

I referenced this price guide when pricing this vehicle….other guides do NOT use the actual maintenance history for a specific vehicle when generating a value, but CARFAX does

Consumers who want to see the CARFAX report should also pay attention to the CARFAX HISTORY BASED VALUE, they provide a VIN-specific price for every used car based on its history. Instead of providing you with a retail value they say what a specific car with a specific VIN is worth based on SEVERAL major history factors that impact car value. Keep in mind that the CARFAX values THIS vehicle at $11,430 on sale for $9995

549.72 is 5.5% tax if applicable
164.50 is registration if applicable
$10,709.22 does not include new plate fee IF applicable

NO so called price add on Dealer Fee's NO additional fees what so ever..not at our store maybe their store

I also referenced JD Power NADA. Banks use JD Power NADA to determine values for loans, and insurance companies also use JD Power NADA to determine values for payouts. Keep in mind that NADA also values this vehicle at $11,575 sale $9995 today

Augie’s Autos — a small family owned and operated dealer with a total inventory of around 8 HIGH QUALITY VEHICLES. Selling over 35 years. Visit our website augiesautos.com

shown by appointments only…

please no texts at this time CALLS ONLY

My direct cell is 262 818 3519

Augie’s Autos is an official lending partner to Marine Credit Union! If interested in financing one of our vehicles through Marine Credit Union, visit this link to get started:

2008 honda ridgeline 4x4 for sale - Kenosha, WI - craigslist (2024)
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